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We have developed epos hospitality and retail software since 2004.

Software and Website Development since 1999

We have developed more than 100 websites including online shops, restaurant and takeaway food ordering, gambling, directory and competition websites.  Our clients include The Oxfordshire Press, Benham Goodhead Print Group, Triple Helix Wargames and Ed Baines' (ITV's "Britain's Best Dish") restaurant in Soho. Gourmet Oriental in London has been a client for more than eight years.

Software for Restaurants has supplied takeaways and restaurants, in the UK, for more than eleven years. We pioneered SMS mobile phone ordering and were featured, in The Wall Street Journal, on 20 September 2006 and NBC News Channel 4HD “Live at Five”; "Beat the Queue" on 2 October 2006.

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Epos Software for Restaurants and Takeaways
We specialise in the development of customised epos software.
You produce a wish-list and we match your needs!
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Our latest Epos Software for Restaurants an

Takeaways is the result of 8 years’ development. This is probably the most comprehensive epos software in this price range, previously sold for £2,500. It includes an integrated website and dual back-office updating of both the Epos Till and the website.

Secure Card Payment Ltd  owns the software Intellectual Property Rights Worldwide.

NBC News Channel 4HD, 2 October 2006
SMS Mobile Phone Ordering

Following the Wall Street Journal Report, NBC produced a news item about ordering food by mobile phone. An example was given of a person ordering their coffee from the train and collecting the coffee when they arrived at the station.

Thereby not having to queue up to order the coffee and pay for it. The order was automatically processed and sent to the “kitchen”. You showed your mobile phone order acknowledgement and collected the order.

"Beat the Queue" was televised on 2 October 2006.

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